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  • author ( 35, man | Philadelphia, PA, USA )

    Buffet style resturant where I feed you until your belly aches and have to unbutton your pants. Then I rub your belly and feed you dessert

  • author ( 37, man | Payson, UT, USA )

    I like the first date to be simple and short seeing as how it's going to be the first time we meet in person. It doesn't take long to figure out you're not interested. So, I say go get ice cream, talk, go for a walk if y...  see more >>

  • author ( 60, man | Chesterfield, VA, USA )

    My first date I love to blow her mind and make her feel like she as known me forever, together on a sea in my boat or yacht will make a sweet date if she's not scare of the water

  • author ( 30, woman | Rockford, IL, USA )

    Any where we can get to know each other is good but a nice trip to a desert place would be different and fun.

  • author ( 33, man | Thomasville, AL, USA )

    To ask a woman what she enjoy. Take her out to a nice place and get to know one another better and work on getting a smile out her. After that, take a walk around the park or on the beach and find out what she would look...  see more >>

  • author ( 26, woman | New Zealand )

    I love places with anything Sweet! Take me anywhere, I wouldn't mind. (Unless it's to somewhere that includes hiking or extreme movements XD)

  • author ( 29, woman | Bury, England - Greater Manchester, GBR )

    Ideas for my first date would be simple and traditional, going out for a meal and being treated like a princess. We'd just talk to enable us to get to know one and other.

  • author ( 36, man | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia )

    3 course meal served to your liking.. Cooked by 'myself' Glass of wine... Maybe a coke or even a scotch... Whatever goes.. Dessert is only served if the first 2 Courses go to plan ;) That's me Dan ;)

  • author ( 40, woman | Providence, RI, USA )

    Someplace that is quiet enough to talk and get to know each other. An idea date would be something laid-back and relaxed, where we could sit and talk to get a feel for one another. I know meeting someone for the first ti...  see more >>

  • author ( 34, woman | Philadelphia, PA, USA )

    Im not looking for any dates. Just friends. If we decide ti do lunch ir something is fine once we get ti know eachither.

  • author ( 55, woman | Phoenix, AZ, USA )

    Coffee ,n cupcakes at a park in the city ,on a cool afternoon, then if all goes well on to the comedy club ,,,woo

  • author ( 32, man | Manteca, CA, USA )

    i would really love a big girl not 2 big, but has that belly,thighs,and booty,i just want a chubby girl 2 cuddle,and just nibble on each other

  • author ( 26, woman | Ypsilanti, MI, USA )

    I like to meet in public places, so it would simply be meeting, order a soda and visit, and finish with dessert, my favorite being their hot fudge cake and ice cream.

  • author ( 44, man | Fiji )

    My first date idea is to know her and we can get to know each other very well and after that i can make her mine

  • author ( 57, woman | Indianapolis, IN, USA )

    keep it simple like go for dinner so we can talk get know each other and then go for walk so get to know each other even more if not to let maybe go to a movie